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Well Read Books

We specialize in cult, classic and collectible books and authors, but our selection ranges from Modern First Editions, vintage children’s books and Africana right up to contemporary paperback best-sellers in mint condition. Read more

About Wola Nani

Aids NGO

Well Read Books is a seller of bespoke second-hand books raising funds for AIDS NGO Wola Nani, who helps people with HIV and AIDS to help themselves. In isiXhosa Wola Nani means ‘we embrace and develop one another’, and it was established in 1994 as a non-profit organisation to help bring relief to the communities hardest hit by the HIV crisis.
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What can you do?


Got any old books you want to donate? Please contact us to arrange for collection. What Well Read can’t use, we pass along to libraries and literacy and education NGOs. We never pulp or throw away books and make every effort to fix, mend and restore books so that their maximum resale value can be realised. Contact us

About Well Read Books

Our followers love our selection. We can’t put out all the books that we get given so we spend a lot of time editing our stock. Our array of books, art-house movies and classic CDs has been so empathetically arrayed that one can say that a Well Read Books sale is actually ‘curated’. Hard covers are wrapped in archival plastic and collectible books are researched online with price printouts. (Well Read generally prices to 50% of overseas values).

But we don’t just sell books, movies and music – we create pop-up events with appeal that pull readers as well as general consumers to our venues. Well Read staged Ernest Hemingway’s Library at Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village (which included whisky tastings in the evenings) and we created the inaugural V&A Waterfront Book Fair partnering with all the other book retailers at this premier shopping destination. If you’re looking for an excuse to buy a book – like you need one! – Well Read is bringing a fresh take on book sales to a shopping centre near you!